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Thank you for purchasing The Natural Hair Secrets book during our pre-sale period!  Your eBook download will be available January 25, 2023.  If you have purchased a hard copy of the book, it will be shipped January 25, 2023.  Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

Sister Najeebah's Natural Hair Secrets (Digital eBook)

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  • Author's Note:

    I have dedicated decades to living a lifestyle committed to clean habits. From clean eating to organic personal care and hygiene, many of my routine practices came from my elders and teachings handed down from my ancestors. My Caribbean parents’ childhood lives left lasting impressions on how they would raise our family. My father grew up seaside on St. Mary’s Annotto Bay, Jamaica. My maternal family are descendants of valiant Maroons from Trelawny Town. My mother grew up on farm in Clarendon, Jamaica. My maternal grandmother still resides on a farm in my mother’s homeland of Jamaica to this day. I learned very early how to use natural herbs for recipes as well as at-home cures and holistic self-care. In his young adulthood, my father had been a member of the Nation of Islam and this directly impacted his influence on our family’s food choices and diet. We never consumed pork or pork products. We frequently ate organic raw and steamed vegetables. He had also been an avid student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s publications Eat to Live Books I & II, and as a result, our family only consumed select foods. So, throughout my youth and teen years, I became very used to eating foods and ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals.

    As I grew older, I did not depart from the instructions of my agrarian ancestors and parents. I always loved caring for and styling hair, and in 1997, I obtained a license in cosmetology in Montreal, Canada. After immigrating to the United States, I also obtained an industry license in the State of Florida in 2005. As a businesswoman, I established Naturally Clean Locs, LLC to practice as a certified hair braider and loctitian. After several decades of providing specialized natural skin and hair care to my clients (and myself), I found a void in the education available to those seeking truly healthy hair. I began noticing a need for locally-sourced, natural herbs to heal and maintain the body’s largest organ: the skin. Keeping our skin healthy helps protect everything inside our temple, our body. The skin is the barrier that prevents us from easily succumbing to nasty germs, irritants, and other environmental substances that could potentially harm us. Maintaining healthy skin, namely the scalp, is also a top priority when on the quest for a luscious crown of healthy hair.

    I spent many years discovering different combinations of herbs to make my natural remedies to assist in improving various conditions and ailments. As I continually observe the effects of synthetic options available in popular stores, I notice often times the ingredients they contain can be quite damaging to skin and hair. Many lotions, body washes, shampoos, conditioners and other topical products are laden with harsh chemicals that actually worsen certain skin conditions instead of relieving and improving them. In some studies, many of those chemicals have been proven to be potential carcinogens. In 2013, I developed my all-natural personal skin and hair care product line: Naturally Clean Organics. All of my products have been created with organic ingredients that promote moisture retention and sheen, skin and hair elasticity, softness, and increased hair growth.

    Multiple tribes of ancient Africans, along with many Indigenous Native American tribes, deferred the highest respect to their elders and wise ones. Sometimes referred to as sages, these intellectuals guided tribal members toward an elevated mindset as well as knowledge and insight to promote healthy living. In many of these tribes’ cultures, the hair was thought to be an extension of the human nervous system. They believed there was strength in the hair and that your hair was your antennae. The sages say your antennae gives you a connection to the Universe and the ability to heighten your frequency. It was also believed your hair was not just a receiver but a transmitter of divine forces. Some ancients, like the Egyptians, shaved the head and denuded the entire body of hair (eyebrows included); thought to be for hygienic reasons. Even among the ancient ruins of the Egyptian civilization, razors made of solid gold were found. However, many ancient civilizations believed cutting the hair off disrupted your personal magnetic field. As a matter of fact, there were times the hair of captured slaves was shaved off as punishment. The oppressors would shave the heads of slaves to diminish their energy as well as assault their captives’ pride. The ancient sages taught tribal members to protect and care for their hair as it was believed the healthy hair could extend your lifespan, liveliness and increase your intuitiveness and perception.

    I love the old adage: “You are what you eat.” We are organic beings. We come from the earth, the mud. Many millennia ago, our ancestors mainly ate from the land. They consumed LIVE fruits and green leafy vegetables along with various nuts, seeds, and grains grown in the natural sun. This is why I say: “Let food be your medicine”. Raw, live, natural foods are full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They are very different from “dead foods”; these are foods that have been cooked and/or full of processed sugars and grains. Additionally, there is a difference between alkaline foods vs. acidic foods. The difference lies in the way your body receives and processes them. I believe it is very important to eat well to give your body, skin and hair an oxygenating boost by maintaining an alkaline diet. In turn, this can give you vibrant skin and help to stimulate growth of a crown full of healthy hair.

    Very close to my heart are the teachings and techniques of my ancestors. I am thankful you have chosen to purchase this publication. I am very excited to share my knowledge with you! Asé

    --Sistah Najeebah

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